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The College of Ed
is an ongoing, semi-autobiographical graphic novel that chronicles the journey of undergrads as they make their way through the Elementary Education Program at an undisclosed state university. Through the two-year program, students learn what it means to be a teacher and what it takes to graduate! And, if you caught the incredibly clever subtitle pun, it is sure to be a major adventure!

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"Pre Reqs"- Page 12

Page 12


Lindsay said...

The actual quote from my textbook (which I think is actually funnier than my paraphrase):

"If you are a physical education major reading this book, you are probably thinking, 'I loved dodgeball' and that it was 'really fun.' For you it was, because you were the skilled player. If you are an elementary education major reading this, you are probably joyous that it has been eliminated. It is important to remember that physical education is for all students, not just the skilled." (Graham, Holt/Hale, Parker, 2007, p. 337).

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