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The College of Ed
is an ongoing, semi-autobiographical graphic novel that chronicles the journey of undergrads as they make their way through the Elementary Education Program at an undisclosed state university. Through the two-year program, students learn what it means to be a teacher and what it takes to graduate! And, if you caught the incredibly clever subtitle pun, it is sure to be a major adventure!

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"Debriefing"- Page 50

Page 50


Lindsay said...

Random piece of trivia for those of you observant enough to check out this comment...

The two dogs seated behind Amy in the lecture hall are Wrigley (the Brittany) and Mason (the Doberman). Wrigley is an old dog of mine who started me down the path of drawing dogs. Mason was my friend's dog, who I also drew frequently. The two have not been drawn since junior high. So this is like a mini reunion for them. Glad they made it to college... and apparently are FCNS majors too! Well, I guess Wrigley did like food...

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