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The College of Ed
is an ongoing, semi-autobiographical graphic novel that chronicles the journey of undergrads as they make their way through the Elementary Education Program at an undisclosed state university. Through the two-year program, students learn what it means to be a teacher and what it takes to graduate! And, if you caught the incredibly clever subtitle pun, it is sure to be a major adventure!

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Hey everyone! 

Summer for me is coming to a close, and I am excited to start an outdoor education job in Alabama! However, since I will not have immediate access to a scanner or other necessary equipment to upload comic pages, the College of Ed will be taking a rest until I get back in touch with technology. I will still be writing and drawing, but do not plan to see an update until November or December! Thanks to everyone who has been reading, I appreciate your support and feedback! Feel free to re-read, re-discover, comment, or send me an email! See you soon!


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